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Life's Journey in a Runners Shoes

My Journey

Born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, I competed in Division I, Track and Field and Cross-Country. After college, I met and married my beautiful wife. Together, we moved to the Atlanta Metropolitan area to start our family. Our only child has fur, and walks on 4 legs. He has made it up Kennesaw Mountain, but had to be carried back down.

I do not run up mountains to get in shape. I do it for the experience. While some people run for their physical fitness and to remain at the peak of their health, I run as a release and sometimes for sheer enjoyment. As strenuous as running is, it is my time to find the calm in life. Running has helped me through all aspects of my life and I have found influence in it.

At times staying motivated to run is difficult. Conversely, for me running helps me stay motivated. I have gone through the gamut of music genres just to have something to listen to on my run.

Most importantly, running has helped me throughout my life. This has intertwined music and motivation with running and everyday life.